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8×8 Announces the Availability of No-code Features on its CPaaS

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8×8, a leading Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact center and enterprise-class API solutions, recently announced that its CPaaS is now capable of delivering no-code functionalities.
These features are aimed at helping companies in elevating their customer experience.

A variety of user roles in organizations are supported by the new 8×8 Connect Automation Builder technology, which serves as a no-code multiple-channel communications management solution. Regardless of their level of coding experience, organizations can more easily build efficient communications solutions with the new solution, which also enables them to develop workflows that boost productivity, flexibility, and efficiency. The 8×8 CPaaS portfolio of communication APIs, which also includes SMS, phone, chat apps, video, and performance monitoring, includes 8×8 Connect as a key element.

The new features include:

• Iterations that are customized for users to modify and apply.
• Removal of engineering or developer resources because of automation.
• Drag & drop modules to build intricate workflows or pick from pre-made themes.
• Process improvements for leads and managers in operations, customer service, and marketing.
• Communication workflows across channels like chat apps, voice, SMS etc.

Marc Magnin, Head of Product, said, “The point of automated functionality is to eliminate manual work and repetition while enabling processes to scale, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with 8×8 Connect Automation Builder. Automation Builder allows users to now leverage a convenient no-code, visual interface to design communication workflows and deploy them on 8×8 Connect. Further, it allows companies to automate their customer engagement at scale without putting strain on development teams or running developer infrastructure.”

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