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A New Advertiser CDP Solution From ActionIQ

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ActionIQ, a leading customer data platform (CDP), announced Customer Experience (CX) for Advertisers as a response to the industry’s current sweeping changes. A solution like this is designed for marketers that will need to rely more on first-party customer data to deliver a better user experience when third-parties cookies and other tracking systems are no longer readily available.

Justin DeBrabant, Vice President of Product at ActionIQ, said, “The coming death of the cookie represents both a challenge and opportunity for advertisers. On the one hand, cookies were the foundation for most advertising strategies and provided huge benefits in terms of scale and reach. However, their deprecation will provide an opportunity for advertisers to build strategies based on first-party data collected in a privacy-conscious way, which is what consumers are demanding. ActionIQ’s CX for Advertisers solution solves for the biggest challenges of shifting to first-party data in acquisition use cases.”

The deprecation of cookies will negatively impact the acquisition of new customers as third-party cookies have been the standard for anonymous tracking across websites. Data management platforms (DMP) have traditionally been used to manage the acquisition, but this technology relies on third-party cookie data, making it obsolete. In contrast, CDPs relies on first-party data, and can therefore be used successfully both by advertisers to acquire new customers and by existing customers to grow their customer bases.

ActionIQ CX for Advertisers has specific capabilities to address the acquisition of new customers. CDP enables a brand to adopt a more holistic customer experience strategy across the enterprise, which allows it to become more agile, scalable, and future-proof and support the entire customer journey.

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