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A New AI Coach From Edthena Makes Coaching More Accessible to All Teachers

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A new artificial intelligence (AI) Coach platform from Edthena revolutionizes teacher professional development. It offers schools and districts the first-of-its-kind opportunity for teachers to receive supportive coaching to boost their teaching effectiveness. Teachers who use the AI Coach platform will be guided through coaching cycles aligned to common growth areas using artificial intelligence.

Adam Geller, founder, and CEO of Edthena, said, “Quality coaching is essential to helping teachers succeed in the classroom. However, ensuring that a coach is available for every teacher on a regular basis to support ongoing reflection was a near-impossible task until now. The AI Coach platform is a support tool for teachers that complements the efforts of school leaders and instructional coaches.”

Teachers converse with their virtual coach, Edie, inside the AI Coach platform. Teachers add time-stamped comments to videos of their classroom instruction after describing their professional goals and analyzing them.

Teachers can use Edie’s guide-on-the-side approach to summarize evidence discovered during video analysis and develop action plans to increase the positive impact on students. Teachers talk to Edie about setting short-term goals, identifying a strategy for change, and committing to a timeline for implementing the changes. When an in-person coach is not available, teachers can still receive many of the benefits of instructional coaching through this evidence-based process.

Valerie Minor, the coordinator of professional development and leadership at Keller Independent School District in Keller, Texas, said, “Ideally, we’d have enough coaches and time to go visit every teacher in-person, but that’s just not possible, and it means that some teachers are getting ongoing support of a coach while others aren’t. I see great value in being able to offer all teachers access to AI Coach which can guide them through cycles of self-reflection and empower them to continue their professional learning.”

The AI Coach platform facilitates continuous learning and growth for teachers through school leaders and instructional coaches.

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