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A New Conversational AI Platform From Well Health : ChatAssist AI

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As a leading provider of digital health solutions, Well Health introduces a new conversational AI platform, ChatAssist AI to drive better communication between healthcare providers and their patients. ChatAssist AI uses a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine that takes advantage of the existing, top-rated WELL™ Health platform.

According to Guillaume de Zwirek, CEO and Founder, WELL Health, “ChatAssist AI automates thousands of conversations between patients and providers, and gracefully hands off to staff when human intervention is required. ChatAssist AI can independently navigate complex, multi-step patient communications, resulting in a positive experience for both patients and staff. Patient satisfaction improves with a faster response time from providers and staff are freed up to focus on high-touch interactions that their jobs demand.”

With ChatAssist AI, health systems can navigate millions of varying, unstructured patient responses to provide a real-time, conversational response to patients using their own words (both English and Spanish), using their preferred channels, and directly connecting with providers. Natural language understanding capabilities and healthcare-specific use case capabilities combine in ChatAssist AI to deliver cutting-edge and reliable solutions.

ChatAssist AI is designed to ensure a conversational experience for patients, applying AI capabilities and providing a customizable healthcare workflow and content platform to improve the patient and staff experience. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, WELL Health will continue to explore new ways of providing value to patients, staff, and healthcare systems.

ChatAssist AI includes these features:

  • An intelligent assistant: The engine uses conversational AI to understand the patient’s intent and provide a designed response based on that explanation. For example, any patient may say “Yeah, I need more information” or use a thumbs-up emoji instead of “Y” or “Yes.” The AI understands the patient’s question and provides the patient with more information, such as portal enrollment details or preparation instructions.
  • Content Library: The ChatAssist AI conversation builder provides prebuilt conversation templates, so providers can deploy AI-enabled ChatAssist conversations with just a single click.
    Personalized conversations: Healthcare providers can customize multi-step conversations so that they are tailored to their patients and organizations.
  • Connect API: Through ChatAssist Connect API, healthcare providers can export pertinent data from AI conversations to other electronic systems – such as their Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Analytics: The ChatAssist AI provides pre-built reports and dashboards that allow providers to continually monitor conversation performance and operational impact, enabling them to implement workflow changes that improve patient experience and enhance the value ChatAssist AI provides.

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