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A New Era of Personalization at Scale with Experience ID From Qualtrics

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Customer experience management (CEM) platform leader and innovator, Qualtrics, announced Experience ID, a single, unified view of everything customers and employees have shared with their company – information that reveals their preferences, beliefs, and feelings regarding their product or brand experiences. Companies can use Experience ID to personalize experiences at scale, to identify emerging trends and new market opportunities based on granular insights about individuals. They can also view aggregate trends based on teams, geographies, verticals, and more.

Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin, said, “For decades, organizations have been trying to deeply understand their customers and employees. But the universe of feedback is so vast that they need the right technology to capture it and put it into action. Experience ID delivers a powerful lens that can focus on each customer and employee, and also zoom out and reveal the big picture, enabling organizations to build deep, personal relationships with customers and employees, authentically and at scale.”

The new Qualtrics Experience ID tool is built on the Qualtrics XM Operating System and combines the ability to analyze conversations with Clarabridge’s conversational analytics platform, and Usermind’s journey orchestrating platform. This powerful combination of technologies and solutions allows Experience ID to capture nearly all forms of customer feedback, such as call center transcripts, social media posts, and product reviews, allowing teams to understand a customer’s emotion, effort, and motives through the entire journey they experienced with the company. In Qualtrics XM Directory, the largest database of human sentiments, there are more than four billion Experience IDs.

Experience ID identifies new market opportunities quickly by aggregating and analyzing customer insights from all sources. Using Experience ID, healthcare systems can monitor their patients’ feedback and find out that online surgical follow-up is becoming increasingly popular over the past 18 months, providing strong evidence that a growing demand exists for the service. With Experience ID, companies can identify which patient groups may prefer certain virtual services over others in different regions, indicating where they should focus their marketing efforts and where in-person staff might need to be added.

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