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A New Intelligent Team Automation For Safety, Quality, and Maintenance Inspections from Fulcrum

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As part of the company’s Field Inspection Management platform, Fulcrum announced next-generation capabilities for intelligent team automation. An intelligent team automation solution dramatically improves productivity, operational excellence, and organization-wide performance by safety, quality, and maintenance inspection teams.

Fulcrum CEO Jim Grady, said, “New government investment in infrastructure, increasing maintenance costs, government oversight, and labor challenges are driving demand for digitized safety and quality inspections. By creating the platform needed to manage teams for safety and quality inspections, we’re delivering unprecedented service to a large and growing, but historically underserved, market.”

The intelligent team automation capabilities in Fulcrum allow to create custom reports, track issues, and execute tasks, delivering a highly configurable solution for streamlined safety, quality, and maintenance inspections. With intelligent team automation, inspections will be performed more efficiently and accurately, leading to improved functionality to:

  • Streamline inspection processes from Day 1 with automated processes, and automate procedures at scale
  • Integrate inspection teams, while maximizing the role of each member, using dashboards that provide visibility into the entire inspection process
  • Gain actionable insight from inspections across teams and projects by utilizing a single point of access

Fulcrum helps organizations see the whole picture of their inspection processes, which promotes collaboration and reduces the amount of time needed for remediation by digitizing their inspection processes. Fulcrum-based inspection process insights enable these organizations to demonstrate their safety and quality posture, which positively impacts their ability to negotiate insurance contracts, secure new customers, and provide crucial information to regulators and third parties, as well as take informed actions and make better decisions.

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