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A New IT Automation Service Now Available From Resolve Systems

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A leading provider of automated IT solutions, Resolve Systems, has announced the availability of its SaaS Edition of Resolve Actions Express and new Automation Accelerator Packs. Organizations are now able to automate IT workflows more quickly thanks to the new SaaS Edition, as it eliminates the need to deploy and manage on-premises infrastructure. Automating IT use cases is facilitated by Automating Accelerator Packs, which provide building blocks for IT teams. This SaaS Edition and Automation Accelerator Packs offer a unique solution that speeds up the process of developing and deploying automated workflows to minutes and hours, rather than the weeks and months it typically takes to build automation from scratch.

Sean Heuer, Vice President of Products, Resolve, said, “We’re excited to take this first step in removing the roadblocks typically associated with deploying IT automation, but more importantly, to help address the specific day-to-day process challenges across IT teams, from shortening helpdesk ticket resolution times to optimizing observability strategies. We will continue to help our customers automate more, and with increased efficiency and ease, as we apply AI and machine learning to their automated processes and build out more targeted solutions across IT domains.”

This SaaS edition of Actions Express is a no-code/low-code intelligent IT Automation platform that integrates with virtually every enterprise and IT system. Automation is rapidly deployed across IT teams because no software needs to be installed on individual devices. Resolve always provides the latest version to its customers, since the company manages hosting, upgrades, patches, and product improvements. Customer workloads can be automatically scaled up or down based on a consumption model. Moreover, they can enjoy lower total costs of ownership without having to source and manage their infrastructure.

Vijay Kurkal, CEO of Resolve Systems, said, “Most CIOs and their organizations have embraced intelligent IT automation as integral to their operational strategy with a mandate to automate as much as possible, yet they are frustrated with the friction required to automate. By removing the challenges, such as infrastructure management, development time, and resource constraints, we empower our customers to move much faster than was possible before and accelerate time to value in their IT automation journeys.”

Automating the most common processes across IT Operations Management, IT Service Management, Network Operations Management, and Cloud Operations can be done with Automation Accelerator Packs that offer customizable workflow templates, drag-and-drop automation actions and tasks, and prebuilt third-party system integrations. Additionally, these packs provide IT departments with a way to quickly and consistently automate their processes.

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