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A New Sensor Calibration Program By Deepen AI

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Deepen AI, a leader in computer vision tools for autonomous systems, announced the release of Radar and IMU sensor calibrations.

Mohammad Musa, Co-Founder & CEO, Deepen AI, said, “Our calibration suite is critical to help make the world safer & more productive in line with our mission. With the launch of the RADAR, IMU and optimization loops we have expanded our offerings to multiple new use cases for robotics, automotive, and drones.”

It supports intrinsic and extrinsic calibrations with its easy-to-use web browser-based tool. Through Deep Calibrate, calibrating multi-sensor data can be completed in minutes rather than hours, enabling improved localization, mapping, sensor fusion perception, and control.

As part of Deepen AI, a proprietary Loop-based Calibration Optimizer has been developed to identify and fix small errors in the calibration of multiple sensors, thus producing highly accurate sensor fusion. Adding the Calibration Optimizer to regular algorithms can reduce errors and improve sensor fusion accuracy.

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