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Accelerate Analytics Nuix with Baseline – Rampiva’s New Free Product

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Rampiva, a leading provider of automation, reporting, and business process management software has announced the release of Baseline, an innovative free analytics tool. Rampiva Baseline provides centralized visibility into workloads to provide real-time intelligence and analytics on the performance and productivity of Nuix data processing.

Daniel Boteanu, founder and CEO of Rampiva, said, “Our hope is that people can use Rampiva Baseline to first, showcase their work and help address the intense pressure put on many data processing teams, and second, identify ways to optimize their operations and support with hard-data investments in new processes, additional staff, or tools like Rampiva Automate for workflow and resource management. We are grateful for the position we are in and want to give back to the community by making Rampiva Baseline available to everyone at no cost.”

Rampiva Baseline helps legal and digital forensics teams increase their ability to attribute workloads, provide data points to advocate for budget, and provide a data-driven view to optimize processes by assisting data processing teams in increasing their ability to attribute workloads, providing data points to advocate for budget, and providing a data-driven view to optimize processes. This product gathers performance and productivity data from existing Nuix Cases and feeds it into a set of PowerBI Dashboards created by industry experts and professionals. By utilizing Rampiva analytics developed by observing the processing of over 15,000 Nuix, these Dashboards enable data processing departments to understand their current operating capacity, demonstrate the value of their efforts, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Rampiva also offers an online user community where users can ask questions, share ideas, and come up with new analytics and dashboards. The instructions for downloading Rampiva Baseline can be found in this forum, which is open to all users.

Rampiva breaks down barriers and gives legal teams the information they need to cut costs and improve efficiency with its intuitive and powerful products. Rampiva’s legal solutions help eDiscovery and forensics teams all over the world, including government regulatory agencies, top advisory and AmLaw 100 firms, and well-known legal service and digital forensics vendors.

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