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Accenture Enhances Data and AI Capabilities by Acquiring Ergo

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Data-center business located in Argentina which enables organizations to develop data-driven decision-making based on big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), Ergo, has been purchased by Accenture. The data specialist team from Ergo will be joining the Accenture Cloud First. Accenture will be able to deliver their clients across the Hispanic South American market, spanning Argentina, Chile, and Colombia data-led transformations through the deal. The deal was completed for an undisclosed amount.

Karthik Narain, global lead for Accenture Cloud First stated, “Almost every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created by humans and machines across the cloud continuum at the edge, on the internet, and in data centers. Cloud is the place where all this data gains accessibility and scale. Cloud’s advanced data & AI tools empower companies to transform data into intellectual capital like never before. By acquiring Ergo, Accenture will bring more resources to help clients gain insights about where to focus their transformation for the most value and how data can support better decision-making through the transformation process.”

Ergo, based in Buenos Aires, uses human-centric design principles to provide data solutions that help businesses make better decisions. Ergo was founded in 2004 with the goal of integrating data and AI across the organization and creating a trusted single source of insights.

“Joining the Accenture Cloud First team will enable us to scale our data-led experience for major worldwide clients to achieve better business outcomes, faster – from improving how they work, how they serve customers, and how they differentiate through new products and services,” stated Ariel Güelmos, Ergo’s CEO.

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