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accessiBe Introduces New Accessibility Testing and Remediation Platform

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In order to help people with disabilities access the internet more easily, accessiBe, a market leader in innovative AI-powered web accessibility solutions, announced the launch of two new accessibility testing platforms and an online learning platform named as accessFlow, and accessCampus.

Shir Ekerling, accessiBe CEO, said, “We believe that in order to make the web accessible by 2025, which is our ultimate goal, there must be developments in many different aspects simultaneously. These include awareness, education, automation, technology, and training. But most importantly, we must enable everyone, regardless of their budget, knowledge, and skills, to participate in the global inclusion efforts by providing them the right tools tailored to their specific business reality.”

accessiBe realizes that everyone has different requirements, needs, abilities, and resources in terms of applying accessibility practices, whether they are small business owners or large organizations, internal development teams, or web designers, or solo developers. AccessiBe strives to provide its users with the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to make the web more accessible.

accessFlow is a platform that enables engineering teams, solo developers, web designers, product managers, and accessibility experts to develop and improve web accessibility. accessFlow aims to provide developers with the tools they need to ensure accessibility is always at its best by providing an accessibility dashboard for all of their projects’ accessibility needs. From monitoring, alerting, and suggesting to simplifying accessibility development with CI/CD pipelines and automated testing, this includes everything from monitoring, alerting, and tracking.

Additionally, accessFlow provides professional services and best practices built from the ground up to help web professionals build applications and websites that are built with Native Accessibility in mind.
By simplifying and streamlining the learning experience, accessCampus simplifies the complex world of web accessibility, disabilities, and WCAG. An interactive self-learning experience is provided via the platform, which contains video tutorials, reading materials, lectures, WCAG certifications, quizzes, and tests led by accessibility experts and disabilities users who share their experiences.

accessCampus is intended to assist professionals such as web engineers, designers, and product managers in learning the basics of accessibility, how to incorporate Native Accessibility frameworks into their products and services, and how to maintain accessibility.



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