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Actian Releases Innovative Zen Embedded Database For Mobile And IoT

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A global leader in hybrid cloud data analytics, Actian recently announced its next-generation Zen embedded database, Zen™V15, for mobile and IoT. With Actian Zen V15, enterprise developers can deploy mobile, cloud, and IoT applications through enterprise, branch, and remote field environments to provide persistent local and distributed data per application. It also offers multi-platform support for secure data management on a variety of platforms.

Lewis Carr, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Actian, said, “Edge applications and devices increasingly rely on unsupervised machine learning inference at the edge to improve automation and real-time decision-making. Actian Zen V15 edge data management delivers against a broad and demanding set of requirements including leveraging a variety of hardware architectures, operating environments, networks, communications interfaces, and languages to offer comprehensive support, performance, and the flexibility modern enterprises need to stay competitive.”

Actian Zen V15 software connects mobile and IoT devices to gateways, the cloud, and traditional on-premises databases. This cloud-ready edge database leverages advanced architecture to streamline ETL and eliminate latency, all while reducing the security risks associated with decryption and vulnerable code.

According to Desmond Tan, Senior Director of Engineering and Product Management for the Zen database product line at Actian, “The flexibility to run the same database with local AES 256-bit encryption and underlying file formats at the device, gateway, edge server, and cloud environments provide a way to avoid decrypting until actual operations are performed at the point of action without transformations or added security vulnerabilities. We’ve run performance tests for large data writes and reads, a core application scenario between devices at the edge and the network infrastructure against SQLite and MySQL and found that we have higher performance for each individually – as well as together.”

As a result of its breakthrough functionality and performance, the Zen V15 database from Actian redefines IoT and mobile platforms, gateways, laptops, desktops, servers, and cloud platforms, while preserving backward compatibility with remote and branch offices. With Actian’s Zen database, customers can access data securely and at the edge thanks to 5G wireless broadband technology.

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