Actifai, an AI software-as-a-service provider for cable and telecom companies has teamed with, Cincinnati Bell, a leading regional telecommunications operator, to accelerate continuous subscriber growth and improve customer experience (CX) by refining product recommendations to better meet client demands.

Ned Brody, an acting CEO of Actifai, said, “We’re very excited to expand Actifai’s user base with a regional leader like Cincinnati Bell—to be partnering with an operator known for their customer-focused operations. We’re looking forward to building on the success we’ve seen during the pilot and continuing to deliver against Cincinnati Bell’s customer-focused initiatives.”

Actifai’s database-integrated online tools will be used by Cincinnati Bell’s customer service personnel, and Actifai’s APIs will be used to drive qualitative evaluation and services that the company offers for users on its e-commerce site.

Jason Praeter, President and General Manager of Cincinnati Bell, said, “Cincinnati Bell is focused on adopting cutting-edge technology that both improves consumer outcomes and company operations. When you can see quantifiable and verifiable results before you purchase a product, as we could with Actifai, it creates a transparent value-based decision that is easy to make. We are excited to see where we can expand our relationship with Actifiai to other common decisions that we make every day.”

Actifai has been extensively accepted by leading cable and telecom operators in North America looking for practical AI applications that create a bottom-line effect without requiring costly internal development. The platform’s unique mixing of complicated AI algorithms on the back-end with simply accessible APIs and simple, modern front-end experiences for customer service personnel has regularly resulted in a 25x return on investment for Actifai’s customers.