Leading AI Software-as-a-Service provider Actifai has expanded its ties with Cogeco Connexion. The partnership will lead to the expansion of its AI customer experience platform across Canada.

Cogeco Connexion will help in expanding the data integrated networks of Actifai in the provinces of Ontario and Qubec. Apart from that, they are trying to expand their networks in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania regions.

Telecom companies and cable companies across North America extensively use Actifai’s platform for their business needs, and they were able to get a 25x return as well. Actifai’s cutting-edge AI algorithms are backed up by easy-to-use APIs and user-customizable front-end experiences. Actifai is the industry leader for operators looking for AI solutions that provide a bottom-line effect without requiring internal development.

“Cogeco’s thought leadership and testing rigor drove many enhancements in our core product. It was an exciting challenge to internationalize our platform so soon in our company history. Cogeco was the perfect partner to help prove that Actifai can deliver strong operational results using different data sets and models than we’d previously employed,” said Ned Brody, acting CEO of Actifai. “We’re looking forward to continuing to build and improve our product with Cogeco as one of our newest partners.”