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Acxiom Teams up With Adobe To Offer Content-driven Customer Experiences

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A customer intelligence company, Acxiom, has announced that Acxiom Real Identity is going to incorporate Adobe Experience Platform to give access to ad delivery, digital personalization, identity resolution, and management.

Eugene Becker, general manager and executive vice president at Acxiom, said, “Enterprise brands using Adobe Experience Platform can now leverage the scale, speed, and precision of Acxiom’s award-winning Real Identity technology to unlock the power of Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Data Platform. We are excited about this integration with Adobe that enables a much tighter connection between a brand’s identity management and the many channels, paid and owned, where they reach customers and prospects.”

By leveraging Acxiom’s more than 50 years of expertise in privacy-compliant data and identity management, the following collaboration will enable brands to precisely recognize and socially connect with people at any time to create relatable experiences. Enterprise brands using the platform could now combine the scale, speed, and precision of Acxiom’s innovative real-time identity technology with data from over 50 nations to unleash the full power of Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platforms (CDPs).

Clients who used Acxiom Real Identity and Adobe Experience Platform together saw up to five times the volume of accumulative recognition of verified site visitors recognized in paid media campaign publicity.
As third-party cookies become obsolete, several brands are shifting to consent-based private information as the primary key across the martech and adtech ecosystems. Brands must obtain consent directly from their customers in order to obtain it. Acxiom Real Identity and Adobe Experience Platform inclusion will assist brands in creating a consent-based data pool.

Tony Sanders, senior director for Americas partner sales at Adobe, said, “We’re thrilled about this integration with Acxiom to offer brands access to a configurable suite of connected identity capabilities to enhance their ability to deliver real-time personalization. Brands are going to love the ability to recognize and enhance their understanding of people and more relevant engagement, which will ultimately lead to increased revenue.”

The innovative collaboration transforms the identity model by putting the brand at the centre and allowing all third-party data, technology, and identity providers to contribute to the brand’s own identity management. This gives brands full control over their identity solution and tech stack, allowing them to build brand-owned identity graphs with related programs to analyze information and accuracy, limiting reliance on third-party cookies across purchased and sponsored content.

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