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Acxiom to Release Match Multiplier on Snowflake Marketplace

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Acxiom, a leading customer intelligence company, announced the release of Match Multiplier, an application designed to allow brands to efficiently share data in the snowflake data cloud.

Acxiom provides data-driven customer intelligence solutions to help organizations understand fragmented data and boost revenue. By enabling elevated customer experience through ethical utilization of data and technology, Acxiom facilitates growth for brands. Their newest offering, Match Multiplier, is aimed at offering secure data sharing to brands so that they can potentially increase the reach of their data.

Snowflake, a leading data cloud company that helps organizations mobilize their data, alongside Acxiom, has developed a secure room augmentation application to facilitate mobilization of data within snowflake’s data cloud. This initiative is aimed at helping joint customers increase potential downstream matches. Following the launch of Match Multiplier, brands will be able to access Acxiom’s ethically sourced data to improve their data within the snowflake environment.

We chose to partner with Snowflake to bring Match Multiplier to market because of our shared dedication to consumer privacy and technical excellence. We are excited to help brands unlock the power of their data and extend the reach of their first-party audiences at a time of great turbulence in our ecosystem”, said Eugene Becker, GM Global Data and Identity, Acxiom.

Built using snowflake’s native application framework, it will allow application developers to build applications using snowflake’s core functionalities. The apps can be further distributed globally on the snowflake marketplace and can be installed within a customer’s snowflake account.

Chris Child, Senior Director of Product Management, Snowflake, said, “Match Multiplier, built using Snowflake’s Native Application Framework, will be transformative for businesses as they pursue innovation with their digital advertising. As Snowflake continues to make strides to mobilize the world’s data, partners like Acxiom can give our customers greater flexibility around how they improve their digital resilience while continuing to meet their marketing goals in a privacy-safe manner.”

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