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Adyen and GoFundMe Unveils a Machine Learning Tool – Score

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Adyen, a global payments platform, and GoFundMe together launched a machine learning (ML) tool – Score – to identify malicious platform users. Score is the company’s latest platform offering. GoFundMe, a global online fundraising platform, is one of the first merchants to implement Score in the past six months.

Mariëtte Swart, CLCO of Adyen, said, “This is where tech and compliance meet – we’re very excited about the launch of Score, as we are now able to support our platform merchants in platform user fraud and integrity monitoring. Reducing risk is a top priority for platform businesses. The feature puts our merchants in full control by offering a solution that never stops learning.”

The company developed a machine-learning-driven solution based on a single platform, able to identify irregular activity and monitor compliance across the platform. By leveraging data insights to analyze data from platform merchants and flagging unusual behavior, Score helps to prevent platform misuse among Adyen’s merchants.

Matthew Murray, Director of Risk & Compliance at GoFundMe, said, “Score has helped us to provide the best service we can to help as many people as possible – while also ensuring our customers trust that GoFundMe is keeping them safe and protected. We are constantly adopting the best tools to ensure we have a full and accurate picture of our risk profile, so we were pleased to be the first to try this new Score solution.”

Score provides insights via a wide range of risk signals, which makes it a significant contributor to platform merchants’ compliance efforts. Score increases operational scalability for platforms by improving effectiveness and reducing time spent on platform user security reviews.

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