Aerospike, Inc., a leading real-time multi-cloud data platform, announced the launch of Aerospike SQL powered by Starburst. This solution is aimed at helping customers run complex and parallel SQL queries on petabyte-scale data stored within Aerospike real-time data platform.

Aerospike’s real-time data platform allows organizations to efficiently handle transactions while reducing server footprint up to 80%. It allows applications to offer personalized recommendation and customer experience, enable global digital payments, and fight fraud.

Aerospike SQL powered by Starburst will help data analysts and data scientists to obtain a single point of access to federated data using existing SQL analytic tools including Qlik, power BI, Tableau, etc. It will enable SQL developers and analysts to significantly reduce the time taken to develop timely insights on large volumes of real-time data and drive business objectives.

Today’s modern data-mesh architecture must support a growing amount of real-time data ingested at the edge and stored at the core. We are happy to partner with Starburst to bring to market a high-scale, high-performance SQL solution that enables data analysts and data scientists to run massively parallel complex queries on data across Aerospike clusters distributed anywhere”, said Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike.

The new solution is designed to reduce complexity for data engineering, streamline data pipelines, and offer end-to end support.

Justin Borgman, Co-founder and CEO of Starburst, said, “Starburst is the fastest SQL-based MPP query engine, providing a single point of access for better decision making. We share a common mission with Aerospike to reduce both complexity and cost for data-driven enterprises.