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Agmis Automates Content Moderation Via EasyCMT

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Agmis, a leader in Baltic technology development, has enabled automated marketplace content moderation through its all-in-one AI-powered platform, EasyCMT. The platform which is focused on marketplaces, e-commerce, and classified advertisement websites moderates visual, textual, and video content by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). The content pwhich does not suits the policy guidelines is identified and is prevented from getting published on websites.

“Marketplaces are the most lively corners of the internet. Think of a real world town market, where sellers are jousting for buyer attention. With fast growth of the user-base, unmoderated marketplaces are quickly overrun by spam and unwanted content. Poor user experience is the main reason why users choose to shop elsewhere. The EasyCMT aims to address two main challenges for marketplace owners. Firstly, the platform helps to keep unwanted and harmful content off the site. Secondly, it nudges third-party sellers to adhere to website-wide content policy guidelines for a unified and fluid user experience,” stated Simas Jokubauskas Head of Product Development at EasyFlow.

Agmis spinoff EasyFlow focused on Computer Vision Applications, developed the EasyCMT platform. The unnecessary content which is uploaded by the user including pictures or videos consisting of nudity, drugs, weapons, drugs, and hate symbols is automatically identified using AI-powered image analysis. The platform helps in enhancing the user experience by identifying watermarks, excess text usage, and other unnecessary features. Background removal and image enhancements can be done using the inbuilt tools present in the platform.

A policy breach probability score is generated according to user entries using the EasyCMT platform. The blocking and removal of content are done in an assisted mode if the content breaches the marketplace guidelines. The platform will prioritize questionable entries for human moderators to analyze in circumstances where it cannot make a conclusion with 100% confidence. The platform will not prohibit any content from surfacing in a manual mode of operation. However, the item review list for human moderators will be prioritized.

Simas Jokubauskas also added, “These workflows make a better use of human content moderator resources, shifting their attention to postings where their review is most needed, eliminating the requirement to manually check every content item on the website.”

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