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AI-powered Metaverse Available via VR or Any Smart Device Debuts at MeetKai

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MeetKai, a conversational AI and metaverse company, has launched the world’s first AI-powered metaverse available via VR and any smart device. A physical billboard has been transformed into an anamorphic doorway to MeetKai’s metaverse in a virtual recreation of Times Square in New York City. It is located at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 47th Street. Users can explore the same physical and digital environment, engage with other players, and join different worlds from MeetKai’s metaverse after scanning a QR code.

James Kaplan, Co-Founder, and CEO, of MeetKai, said, “We are rewriting the rules of the metaverse in ways that lower barriers to technology adoption, make it easier and more accessible on-the-go for smart device users, and provide high-performance immersive experiences; all without the need for closed system apps or costly hardware such as VR headsets. Our core expertise in conversational AI has also enabled us to develop leapfrog smart virtual assistant services that will make the metaverse more intuitive, human, and more valuable for consumers, creators, and businesses.”

MeetKai uses AI and VR to make activities such as shopping, collaborating, or learning easier and more enjoyable through its “Phase 1 Beta” activation, which aims to map the entire world and enhance reality instead of replacing it.

In addition to understanding negation queries, natural speech, and remembering context, MeetKai uses an advanced patented conversational AI technology. With MeetKai’s first voice-operated AI concierge, consumers can now leave behind traditional command-based exchanges with smart device assistants in favor of natural and meaningful interactions similar to those you might have with friends or family. Across Europe, Asia, and South America, more than 20 million users use MeetKai’s AI to help them with their personalized software solutions and virtual assistants.

Weili Dai, Co-Founder and Executive Chairwoman of MeetKai, said, “Our vision for the MeetKai Metaverse is to map the real world on an AI-powered virtual world with rich experiences that have the potential to improve life and expand knowledge using cutting-edge technology. This is a tool that people can use to enrich their skill set, work, collaborate, and engage with brands and organizations. As a result, efficiency is multiplied and real-world lifestyles become more meaningful in a way that everyone can truly benefit from. This is our mission for an inclusive and democratized metaverse as the world’s leading and most innovative metaverse company – one that is founded on proven AI technology leadership, global access and connections, and significant resources required for long-term execution and success”.

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