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Aimefluent from Aimesoft Integrates Conversational Features into Game Programming

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AI product and solution company, Aimesoft has unveiled the release of Aimefluent for the Roblox game platform. AimeFluent for Roblox is a non-player character (NPC) that can respond to any text input from players automatically. It allows game designers to include conversational NPCs, which are common in adventure games and role-playing games.

Dr. Duc Nguyen, CEO of Aimesoft stated, “AimeFluent is able to guide the players through the games and keep the game story moving forward. It makes the game’s virtual spaces more naturalistic and alive. Conversations between players and NPCs are important in most video games, especially story-driven games and adventure games. With the natural language understanding and text generation technologies of AimeFluent, dialogues in games will be more fluent, coherent and interesting. We will soon release AimeFluent for many other game development platforms as well as metaverse platforms.”

The Aimesoft Multimodal artificial intelligence (AI) software ecosystem includes AimeFluent, a natural language understanding, and a chatbot platform. It employs rule-based, scenario-based, or information retrieval-based strategies to answer questions. Using GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 2) and other cutting-edge natural language generation methods, it can also produce answers to any input text. The gaming industry had started widely using Aimefluent after the launch of Aimefluent for Roblox.

Various kinds of conversations are supported in Aimefluent for Roblox in relation to the context. The player can only pick a sentence from a menu in the limited answer option situation, and the NPC answers with a prepared dialogue. The user can enter any text that suits some regular expressions or rules in the scenario case, and the NPC will generate replies depending on the scenario and assist the user through the stages or branches in the scenario. The NPC can also respond to the circumstance and direct the user through the game’s steps or branching.

Whether the given text is in a predefined scenario or not, AimeFluent NPC can produce a response to it. It can also recall the context and history of communication, as it is based on back-and-forth conversations. Parameters such as name, age, location, and date can be extracted by game creators to generate relevant replies using the natural language capabilities of AimeFluent. These parameters can then be used to call external application programming interfaces (APIs) like social gaming friend information APIs to get appropriate answers.

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