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Aimesoft Delivers NPC Capability Via Chatbot Platform Aimefluent for Unity

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Multimodal AI (artificial intelligence) and software service provider, Aimesoft unveiled a chatbot development library, Aimefluent for Unity for game engine unity. The non-player characters (NPCs) can now respond to the text input from the players using the new chatbot, Aimefluent for Unity. The game developers are now able to bring in the conversational NPC features using Aimefluent for Unity, that enables interaction among the player and the game engine.

Dr. Duc Nguyen, CEO of Aimesoft stated, “After the success of AimeFluent for Roblox, we believe that AimeFluent for Unity will also be a useful Unity asset. With AimeFluent for Unity, it becomes very easy for Unity game developers to integrate chatbot features into their games. There is no dialogue engine server-side programming anymore, as AimeFluent has already done this work for the game developers. Consequently, the developers can now focus on creative tasks, such as game narration or dialogue content design”.

The Aimesoft Multimodal AI software ecosystem, Aimenicorn, includes AimeFluent, a natural language understanding and chatbot platform. AimeFluent uses rule-based, scenario-based, or information-retrieval-based strategies to respond to user inquiries. Using GPT-2 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 2) and other cutting-edge natural language generation methods, it can also produce answers to any input text. Aimesoft Inc. previously published AimeFluent for Roblox, which enables chatbot NPCs for Roblox games.

Aimefluent for Unity supports different types of conversations such as limited answer choices, fixed scenarios, to free text responses according to the situation. The natural language understanding capability of the chatbot platform enables game developers to extract user details such as name, age, location and date. After calling some random or external APIs (Application Programming Interface) such as social game friend information APIs, the collected details are then used to generate appropriate responses.

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