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AIRIS, the next generation AI powered Customer Data Platform by Appier

AIRIS, the next generation AI powered Customer Data Platform by Appier
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Appier announces the launch of AIRIS, the next-generation AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP) to help companies and marketers achieve the quickest time to insight with wiser decision-making and execution by utilizing its cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technologies. Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a software that integrates information from several tools to provide a single, central customer database that contains information on all the site visits and interactions with a company\’s product or service. That database can subsequently be subdivided into a virtually limitless number of ways to generate more specialized marketing strategies.

For the majority of businesses contemplating CDP, reducing the time it takes to convert data to insight and insight to action, as well as visualizing the results of advertising strategies, remain key challenges. This game-changing AI is launched after the company acquires Woopra in October. To assist businesses in transforming data into insight, and insights into action and results, it combines Woopra\’s excellent data analytics with AIXON\’s advanced user-centric predictive AI capabilities.

Organizations need shorter time-to-insights and prediction demands to improve campaign ROIs to address market difficulties, AIRIS takes on this dilemma effectively. The word-\”iris\”, from which the name AIRIS is derived, vividly reflects the visualization capabilities that will enable businesses to precisely identify their consumers and produce timely predictive insights. One of the main causes of the greater expenses of personalization for companies is fragmented and missing data. The toughest things to predict are typically what matters most to businesses. Enterprises can synchronize and integrate customer data with one click using the next-generation CDP AIRIS, and they can also evaluate each touchpoint along the customer journey to learn more. Enterprises can now build more ads that are more likely to be positively received by customers thanks to their AI-powered prediction capacity, maximizing business value and impact.

Appier finished the integration barely two months after acquiring Woopra is a powerful indication of the company\’s status as a top AI SaaS provider. With adaptable and adjustable price packages to suit businesses of all sizes, AIRIS is accessible throughout Asia Pacific in English, Korean, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese.

Following are five ways that AIRIS can help brands and marketers:

  1. Make first-party data more valuable and encourage data narrative
  2. Provide marketers with more freedom and flexibility
  3. Data visualization provides the best insight.
  4. To optimize return on investment, anticipate performance before investing.
  5. Complying with data privacy laws to protect the security of user data.

The robust and highly adaptable features of AIRIS can make common marketing jobs easier. When used in conjunction with Appier\’s powerful AI-powered analytics and prediction capabilities, AIRIS can further amplify data or fill in gaps in marketing efforts to fully enable first-party data-centric solutions and activate the potential of MarTech applications. Marketers can now concentrate on the tasks that matter the most while staying in line with the organization\’s strategic goals.

Chih-Han Yu, CEO and co-founder of Appier said: \”AIRIS will empower enterprises to achieve seamless data integration and fastest data-to-visualization, and tailor prediction models to strengthen customer relationships and bring customer experiences to the next level.\”



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