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aiWARE, an AI Operating System Released By Veritone

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Veritone, Inc. has announced new features and additions to its aiWARETM operating system (OS), which is the first operating system for artificial intelligence (AI). Veritone aiWARE 3.0 provides superior performance, scalability, and cost for AI, ML, and IT developers, along with improved workflow development and integration enhancements to operationalize AI and ML and greatly accelerate their intelligent process automation initiatives. As a result of these developments, aiWARE is further established as a leader in enterprise-grade AI platforms that are rapidly deploying both custom and turnkey AI-powered solutions using a minimal amount of machine learning expertise.

Chad Steelberg, co-founder and chief executive officer at Veritone, stated, “aiWARE is the leading AI operating system for organizations looking to operationalize AI and ML across the enterprise, helping them gain a competitive edge with new or legacy AI-infused applications. aiWARE 3.0 brings enormous value to enterprises requiring AI solutions to automate content-centric business processes and provide valuable data-driven insights.”

aiWARE 3.0 also implements specific enhancements to Automate Studio’s workflow and integration tool. Among the improvements are:

  • aiWARE applications make developing and deploying flows a breeze, with flow version control, debugging, and easy flow access.
  • AI-powered, event-based, intelligent automation in Automate Studio that performs faster, enables in-process use cases, within Automate,
  • A simple way to integrate applications, allowing any application to trigger cognitive flow by pushing data to an HTTP endpoint, in test or production.
  • Developers can now create, configure, run, and debug flows with the new GraphQL APIs

aiWARE offers a wide range of ready-to-use machine learning models that can transform text, audio, and video into actionable information at scale. AiWARE enables IT, leaders, to operationalize AI across the enterprise by quickly integrating AI into their applications and processes. aiWARE and Automate Studio together allow users to automate content insight for any department’s requirements. Users can easily train, evaluate, integrate, deploy, and monitor AI models.

According to Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of market research firm Deep Analysis and co-author of Practical Artificial Intelligence: An Enterprise Playbook. “As enterprises begin to use multiple AI models and systems to extract and understand growing data volumes, the need for enterprise AI platforms is increasing. Veritone aiWARE has the potential to open up new possibilities to use AI in a coordinated manner across enterprises along with expanded applications for digital transformation.”

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