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Aktiun Launches Visual Analytics Platform ChartFactor Py

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Big data applications, real-time streaming analytics, and web-based geospatial systems developer, Aktiun has announced the launch of its lightweight visual analytics platform ChartFactor Py, which is a python package built on top of ChartFactor. The Dataframes will be able to make use of powerful visual analytics without codes and removing user data.

Jorge Alarcon, Founder, and CEO of Aktiun commented, “The lightweight architecture of ChartFactor means visual analytics without the cost and complexity of integrating a traditional BI tool. ChartFactor’s edge computing design means that data applications can scale to tens of thousands of users and petabytes of data, only limited by the scalability of their data engine.”

Users of ChartFactor Py can make use of ChartFactor studio canvas in their JupiterLab and Jupiter Notebook Environment to simply create and interact with web-based visualizations. The platform helps in visual examination of column statistics, filtering data, developing charts. Without using any code or google syntax, the platform provides crucial findings from the data just using the “Copy code” tool.

Users will make use of ChartFactor Studio to build technology-agnostic data apps that they can publish to any web server using contemporary data engines like BigQuery and Elasticsearch. Version 3.0 of ChartFactor has also been announced by Aktiun focused on its community users by enhancing customer-driven improvements.

The new version includes several features like animation and service improvements for charts and tables. The new version made the studio more customer-friendly by including more visualization and providing codes accurately through Intelligent Code Updater (ICU). The same code that is deployed on the studio’s metadata component can also be edited by using the platform.

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