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Alation Announces Strategic Partnership with Fivetran

Alation Announces Strategic Partnership with Fivetran
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Alation, a leading provider of enterprise data intelligence solutions, collaborated with Fivetran, a leader in automated data integration, to allow joint customers to find and comprehend the full context of their data in the modern data stack. With the help of the brand-new Fivetran Metadata API, this partnership brings together governed, trustworthy data from various sources across an organization into a single unified view. As a result, data visibility improves, resulting in better data pipelines and decision-making.

This partnership intends to make it easier for users across an organization to locate and use governed, trustworthy data so they can make informed decisions using that data. Today’s businesses rely on data intelligence and data integration solutions to give them access to crucial business insights. The collaboration between Alation and Fivetran makes it easier to create data pipelines and consolidate reliable data to help businesses maximize the value of their data.

The current data stack’s foundational components, Alation and Fivetran, support a wide range of joint clients, including Cimpress, Cisco, DocuSign, Genius Sports, Nielsen, Procore, Salesforce, and Slice. Through this partnership, both companies intend to offer shared customers access to enterprise data as it travels through the pipelines that Fivetran manages.

Raj Gossain, Chief Product Officer at Alation, said, “Alation is foundational for driving digital transformation. Our platform enables data and analytics teams to capture and understand the full breadth of their data, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and delivering more value to customers. The partnership with Fivetran enhances Alation’s lineage graph, providing deep insight into data pipelines spanning operational data stores, data lakes and warehouses, and business intelligence tools. Now, users can easily unlock reliable and relevant data while also allowing teams to understand what data is available in the pipeline.”

With the help of Fivetran, data and analytics teams can migrate data from operational systems to analytical platforms securely and quickly. Alation improves data visibility to hasten pipeline development while ensuring that users are aware of the wealth of information available and are able to draw conclusions from it. This strategic collaboration combines data intelligence and governance capabilities, enhancing data pipeline production and assisting in business decisions.

“Fivetran and Alation together enhance an organization’s visibility and effectiveness of data. Users of both solutions can accelerate data movement with a single pane view of data governance. Jointly, Fivetran and Alation ensure end users of data have high-quality and trusted data to drive decision-making”, said Meera Viswanathan, Senior Product Manager for Fivetran’s data governance capabilities.


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