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AlayaCare Launches New Improved Reporting And Analytics Solution

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AlayaCare, a pioneer in home health software, has released its updated analytics and reporting solution, Data Exploration. With the all-new Data Exploration tool, organizations can gain deeper insights from their data more seamlessly and more effectively.

Jonathan Vallee, VP, Data, AlayaCare, said, “As the home care industry continues to evolve at a fast-moving pace, efficient data mining and analysis is critical to ensuring successful business operations and higher quality of care. With AlayaCare’s Data Exploration tool, home care organizations have the ability to identify key trends, flag critical issues, predict cost-savings, staffing needs, and ultimately deliver better care and better outcomes.”

Home care agencies can now explore all of the data stored within the AlayaCare platform using the new Data Exploration tool. With the software, customers can custom design dashboards, calculate insights, and generate reports that enable smarter and more efficient business decisions.

AlayaCare Cloud customers can create reports for any of the following:

  • Client care level – information about care delivery and care outcomes
  • Business operations – improving revenues, increasing resources and streamlining operations based on key metrics and industry benchmarks
  • Population health – trends in client and client segment demographics, social determinants of health, and non-medical elements that contribute to customer satisfaction
  • Employee retention – satisfaction levels and employee insights to reduce churn and improve retention
  • Billing reports – business operations metrics to measure goals and improve efficiency

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