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Alteryx Acquires Hyper Anna For AI-driven Business Insights

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Alteryx, Inc., an Analytics Automation company, announced the acquisition of Hyper Anna, a leading cloud platform for automating insights from data using artificial intelligence (AI). With Hyper Anna, anyone and everyone can gain access to AI-driven insights, regardless of their technical background. Through Hyper Anna’s acquisition, Alteryx will automate end-to-end analytics from data sources to AI-based insights.

Mark Anderson, chief executive officer of Alteryx, said, “Hyper Anna’s mission to enable everyone, regardless of analytical background, to access data insights aligns perfectly with the Alteryx vision to enable every person to transform data into a breakthrough. With this acquisition, we are thrilled to offer a joint solution that empowers our customers to derive world-class, human insights that matter, adding value to every line of business time and time again.”

Hyper Anna’s platform provides faster, better insights that scale without the drawbacks of traditional business intelligence (BI) dashboards that don’t consider business contexts and are predefined. Together, Alteryx and Hyper Anna make it easier for people and organizations to see insight from their data, allowing them to make better decisions faster.

Alteryx automates data science, analytics, and diagnostics for organizations through a mobile-friendly, code-free platform that allows clients to acquire, transform, and transform data. Customers of Alteryx leveraging these platforms can:

  • Identify hidden signals: Users can quickly identify outliers or anomalies in data that would go undetected by traditional visualization tools, allowing them to focus on the most critical questions or concerns
  • Automate insights quickly: analyze data with AI insights to discover key trends, which automates mundane processes and lets you concentrate on more valuable tasks
  • Data storytelling for everyone: Use impactful stories about the data, no matter the user’s level of expertise, to speed up actions and decisions within the company

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