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Alteryx Enhances Businesses by Providing Analytics Solutions at Enterprise Level

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Analytics automation firm, Alteryx, enables firms to leverage cloud analytics, the democratization of insights, and data governance through the introduction of new cloud capabilities. The revolutionary enhancements enable Alteryx to deliver analytics at the enterprise level that simplifies and modernizes analytics.

Dan Vesset, Group Vice President of Analytics and Information Management, IDC stated, “Democratization of analytics is key to unlocking valuable insights in this rapidly changing business landscape, yet we have found fewer than 30 percent of knowledge workers have access to or are active users of analytics software beyond spreadsheets. To become a truly data-driven enterprise, businesses need to leverage analytics solutions that support ubiquitous connectivity to data, rich governance, and powerful, intuitive decision support capabilities.”

Through delivering intelligent data transformation and insights in the cloud at the enterprise level, Alteryx meet the needs of its clients. Organization has improved its connections with prominent cloud data warehouses like Databricks, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery, through the recent acquisition of Trifacta. Insights from big data sets can be derived quickly using the high-performance native pushdown capability.

“With unmatched scale and flexibility, cloud analytics is key for the future of digital transformation. Coupled with our advanced capabilities in analytics automation and governance, Alteryx leads the way in empowering organizations to easily democratize data for every person, at every skill level. Our latest innovations enable businesses to become data-driven and overcome potential obstacles including data silos and talent scarcity,” commented Suresh Vittal, Chief Product Officer at Alteryx.

The new capabilities enable enterprises to make use of analytics automation. The major features include Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Intelligence Suite, Alteryx Auto Insights, Alteryx Machine Learning, and Metric Store Capability. New tools, layout icons, and fonts are provided through the updated Alteryx Designer. Text Mining and Computer Vision including barcode reader tool, part of speech tool, and key-value pair tool features are included in the Intelligent Suite which enables users to simply analyze unstructured data.

Alteryx insights are now integrated with desktop and server to gain insights derived using artificial intelligence (AI) enabling users to automatically connect, configure, and by scheduling auto insights. Machine Learning has made significant improvements to predictive Time Series Modeling, including new functionality that allows for trends, seasonality, and improved performance, making machine learning models accessible to every business user. Insights can be derived accurately at a rapid pace and consistency by any employee using the easily defined Key Performance Indicator which is stored in Metric Store.

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