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Amperity 4.0: Achieving Scale By Leveraging First-Party Customer Data

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Customer data platform (CDP) provider Amperity launched a new generation of its platform that includes features and capabilities to support the transition to first-party customer data management. Through Amperity 4.0, brands can deliver personalization at scale – identifying, predicting, and connecting with their customers in a constantly evolving environment.

Chris Jones, chief product officer at Amperity, said, “Amperity creates the data foundation that fuels the experiences consumers have with the brands they love. As a brand, you need to capture the memory of your customers as data, and then make that data available to everyone at the company. Your CDP should be the data infrastructure that not only touches every customer-facing system in your company but delivers unified data that brings all the systems to life and allows them to work together for your customer.”

Moreover, Amperity CDP supports customers to address new challenges, such as solving problems related to the death of third-party cookies, mobile experiences that require real-time data analytics, and data governance that serves the needs of modern businesses.
In Amperity 4.0, companies focusing on consumer-facing products and services are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives in an effort to keep up with radical changes in consumer tastes and habits.

Using Amperity, organizations can connect first-party data from on-prem and cloud systems to create a unified data platform that gives everyone access to actionable information and insights about their customers, no matter what the data type. Built for interoperability and governance, Amperity integrates with an extensive ecosystem of technologies to supply every investment with accurate and complete data and insights. A customer-centric view of data improves marketing performance, enables real-time personalization, and effectively equips finance, compliance, support teams, and more to make better business decisions.

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