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Amplio Releases Digital Intervention Platform to Help Special Students

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Developer of digital solutions for special needs students, Amplio Learning Technologies, has launched an advanced, outcomes-driven platform to help these students achieve academic success. Artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies allow Amplio to improve teachers’ teaching skills and provide school officials with data related to special needs students — a “blind spot” for districts for many years.

Additionally, Amplio’s platform is designed to enhance productivity and increase capacity by streamlining administrative tasks such as lesson planning, documentation, and tracking student progress, allowing educators and therapists to devote more time to teaching directly to students.

Dr. Judy Rich, the president-elect of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and a member of Amplio’s Advisory Council, said, “As a former assistant superintendent with over 35 years of experience in public schools, I can attest that this is a black hole for most superintendents and state-level education leaders. Until now, there’s been no effective way to monitor the real-time progress of students with special needs students. Special ed teachers are drowning in paperwork and compliance issues. I think Amplio provides a much-needed opportunity for teachers to focus on what matters most: spending time teaching their students.”

Shapira further continued, “Artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and other advanced technologies — working in tandem with dedicated educators — are the key to provide students with individualized, intensive interventions and personalized reinforcements they need to master their goals. Our platform combines adaptive curricula and a rich library of smart, engaging content, while continuously analyzing students’ activities to provide feedback and personalized stimuli.”

Amplio supports in-person and remote learning for vulnerable students, ensuring continuity of services. Shapira thinks most districts will depend on the new Amplio solution for in-person instruction, despite the option for remote instruction.

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