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Amplitude Launches Insights-Driven Customer Data Platform

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Amplitude, a leader in digital optimization, recently announced the release of its insights-driven customer data platform (CDP) with integrated product analysis.

Instead of integrating with third-party analytics solutions, Amplitude CDP can collect and analyse data with its natively integrated product analysis solution. Integration of Amplitude CDP with analytics would help in aggregating, managing and enhancing quality data and in enabling data-driven decision making. By leveraging Amplitude’s deep analytics within their CDP, now Amplitude would be able to eliminate duplicative cost of providing multiple segmented platforms.

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Amplitude, Spenser Skates, commented, “Customer data platforms entered the market with the promise of making personalization a reality, but aggregating data is only step one. As companies look to provide tailored product experiences, they need trusted data that provides insights about their existing audiences and helps them identify new ones, all without unnecessary costs for their business”.

“At Amplitude, we have spent the last few years helping customers solve the problems that existing CDPs in the market were unable to. With the launch of Amplitude CDP, we are now providing customers with the ability to provide meaningful, personalized experiences all from a single platform”, he added.

Amplitude CDP is designed to maintain data quality, discover audience based on insights, reduce cost, and provide personalized customer experience. By helping companies understand customer behaviour in terms of their digital product preferences, Amplitude CDP ensures optimization of digital products and enhances customer satisfaction. Some of the key features that Amplitude CDP provides include:

Real-time audience syncing: This feature allows businesses to understand and utilize customer behaviour to facilitate real-time engagement.

Unified User Interface (UI): It allows business to create a single taxonomy to collect and capture data in a single UI.

Event Streaming: With this feature, customers can integrate data with data pipelines and attribution vendors via a no-code configurable UI in the data connections catalog.

Developer toolkit: It helps to define a tracking system and automate data validation with tracking libraries.

The company is confident that these enhancements would benefit customers and increase customer engagement while ensuring customer satisfaction.


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