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An AI+RPA Vendor DataGrand Secures $90M in C-Round Financing

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DataGrand, a leading vendor of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) software, recently completed Series C financing for $90 million (RMB 580 million). Investments come from four major investment banks, including CITIC Securities, CMS Securities, GF Securities, and CSC Securities, as well as prestigious institutions like SCGC, Hundreds Capital, Xiang He Capital, Legend Star, and Sunshine Insurance Group.

This funding will help DataGrand strengthen its leadership position in Intelligent RPA, and accelerate its efforts to develop and apply its core products and solutions like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Knowledge Graph, Intelligent Recommendations, and Hyperautomation.

DataGrand’s Intelligent RPA System, an integration between RPA and IDP (Intelligent Document Process), has been applied extensively to smart office scenarios in enterprises, including contract review, data search, recommendation, automatic reporting, text analysis, etc., bringing substantial value to many Fortune 500 companies.

Document comparison, data search, and report writing are among the most common forms of document processing work. Work may include authorizing bank credit approvals, reviewing financial reports, evaluating securities documents, analyzing contracts, performing AI customer service, reviewing documents and invoices, completing logistics packing lists, etc.

By combining RPA, OCR, NLP, and other technologies, DataGrand developed a logistics text verification system to support Maersk and Cosco in processing customs declaration documents: it can automatically identify, extract and verify information from customs declaration documents, and communicate the results promptly. Businesses can automate their workflows much faster and more efficiently by using DataGrand’s technology. World-renowned enterprises trust and rely on DataGrand based on its high-quality products and considerate services.

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