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An Innovative Partnership Between Branch Insurance and Safekeep

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Branch Insurance, a pioneer in instantly bundling home and auto insurance, has announced it has partnered with Safekeep, a leading insurtech that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize net recovery through its Claims Profitability Platform, to enhance the claims experience for members.

Charlie Wendland, Head of Claims at Branch, said, “Branch’s approach to claims is highly member-focused so we are constantly refining our processes to heighten our members’ experience. From our instant-pricing model to the recovery and reimbursement process, we value solutions that are frictionless. Safekeep was a natural fit for Branch because of its ability to systematically detect recovery opportunities, scale with our rapidly-growing claims department, and integrate with our extensive technology ecosystem.”

With this partnership, Branch will utilize the industry’s most intelligent subrogation and recovery platform, Safekeep, to identify and maximize recovery opportunities across all insurance products. The Safekeep recovery management system was designed by recovery and technology professionals from leading carriers.

Jeff To, Safekeep’s Chief Executive Officer, said “Safekeep is excited about driving tangible results for Branch’s recoveries, profitability, and ultimately their member satisfaction. Unlike traditional recovery solutions that rely on manual human effort to handle subrogation, Safekeep is an open platform that leverages AI to find profit potential and automates recovery end-to-end.”

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