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An Unified Workspace From Charli AI

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AI-driven content manager, Charli AI has announced a new unified workspace for digital content and cloud apps supported by the implementation of their Tray Platform, which is a highly flexible and scalable customer development platform that makes it easy to build custom API integrations without writing any code.

Kevin Collins, CEO, and Founder of Charli AI said, “The way professionals work has changed dramatically in the face of remote and hybrid work; information has become siloed — scattering important documents, notes and links across tools, apps, and systems that not only hinder the recall of information and overall productivity but make teamwork and collaboration a nightmare. Charli is helping teams manage the scattered content/files and work smarter. With the new unified workspace, it becomes effortless for teams to track, manage, find, and share everything quickly, from one place. Our AI is best-in-class and, in less than a year, we’ve seen our integration ecosystem grow to over 500 apps, allowing our users to connect the apps they already love to create, manage, and distribute content. We are excited to team up with Tray.io to continue the expansion of our app integration ecosystem and improve the overall experience of work for professionals across North America.”

Besides the geographic dispersion of the global workforce, the remote-first world has seen a sudden explosion in the amount of content being created, managed, and shared across teams and browsers. Through its unified workspace and seamless app integrations, Charli’s scalable artificial intelligence (AI) enables enterprise teams and individuals who use multiple cloud apps to find, share, and manage content across all of their platforms in one place.

The new unified workspace from Charli includes:

  • Integrations with over 500 applications, such as Dropbox, Slack, G Suite, and Asana
  • AI to discover, organize, track, and file content across a variety of apps and teams
  • Automatic document tagging, invoice and receipt categorization, cap table extraction, and more
  • AI-driven workflow engine to automate through hashtags, conversations, context, and suggestions
  • Chatting with Charli from anywhere using next-generation command-line capabilities and natural language understanding (NLU)

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