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Anodot Team up with Snowflake Partner Network to Enhance AI Analytics

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Anodot, an American-based data analytics company, has recently announced that they have joined Snowflake’s Partner Network. The collaboration will allow collaborative clients to obtain real-time, actionable insight into data collected on Snowflake, the Data Cloud corporate platform.

“Snowflake has solved the data collection challenge for over 5,000 global customers and now it is time to analyze that business data in real-time,” said Anodot Co-founder and CEO David Drai. “This will help customers leverage and monetize data in a fully optimized manner, accessing new insights in real-time to make better business decisions faster and with greater assurance.”

With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Anodot and Snowflake are deriving full value from the world’s data, enabling joint customers to swiftly evaluate, optimize, and monetize all company data through AI-based analytics and business monitoring.

“Our collaboration with Anodot allows our joint customers to analyze business data significantly faster,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake. “Anodot makes analyzing data in Snowflake more efficient for organizations, thereby generating a more immediate and meaningful return-on-investment.”

In data-intensive industries like fintech, telecoms, ad-tech, e-commerce, and gaming, the power of this relationship enables organizations to monitor high-volume, high-frequency data, discovering vital insights for customers.

Ask Media Group utilizes Anodot’s Snowflake integration to monitor a large number of metrics across 50 domains and receive real-time warnings on key events involving online ads, where delays have a negative influence on income.

With a diverse set of tools and partners, the Snowflake Partner Network unlocks the Data Cloud’s potential. Customers may use Snowflake’s flexibility, performance, and ease of use to deliver more relevant data insights through certified partnerships and connectors.


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