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Anyclip Announces the Release of Teams Connector

Anyclip Announces the Release of Teams Connector
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Anyclip, a leading video intelligence company, recently launched “Teams Connector”. This new software, which is currently accessible through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, works with AnyClip’s Genius Work™. Genius Work™ is an AI-powered internal communications tool that enables businesses to manage their video content, including call recordings, through the AnyClip platform and instantly transforms those videos into searchable, interactive, and collaborative assets that can be shared across teams, departments, and other designated internal audiences.

Companies increasingly rely on videos to keep information flowing, operations running, and employees connected. This applies to everything from sales calls to meetings, onboarding and offboarding,  training, knowledge preservation, and even social gatherings. This is due to the increased popularity of the hybrid and remote workforce. These videos, along with the knowledge they convey, are all too frequently left unused or misused. In order to optimize collaboration, efficiency, productivity, and return, AnyClip’s Teams Connector software interfaces with Teams to guarantee that crucial information collected in the videos can be examined, searched for, stored, and disseminated to the appropriate recipients.

The AnyClip Teams Connector app allows users to edit videos that have been saved. Users can also comment on and share individual video clips, add interactive elements, subtitle calls, chapter calls, automatically create “highlights” of longer sessions, and instantly search within each video by keyword. All meeting recordings that have been imported into AnyClip are then saved there without any storage restrictions.

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