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Aparavi Brings Visibility and Control Over Unstructured Data Via Aparavi 2.0

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Data intelligence and automation platform, Aparavi has announced the launch of its new version of its data intelligence platform. Aparavi 2.0 will enable organizations to have clear visibility and control over their unstructured datasets which eliminates the unnecessary use of additional technologies.

“While we see value in many of the existing tools that users have, many are not used in the way they should be. In particular, organizations should always know what data they are ingesting into any tool or storage destination, otherwise they risk wasting time and money on redundant, obsolete and trivial information. Aparavi helps customers avoid this costly scenario because users know what unstructured data they have before they move it, also enabling them to move it to the ideal destination for the correct use case and the appropriate amount,” said Aparavi Founder and CEO, Adrian Knapp.

Aparavi 2.0 enables customers to solve the primary expenditures incurred as a result of the exponential rise of unstructured data in a timely manner. No matter where it exists, installation and integration into current data infrastructure and cloud storage is simple. The capacity to recognize and transport data between diverse sources and targets, independent of vendor or location, enable organizations to have authority over their unstructured data.

Aparavi 2.0 users can employ automated data actions to link processes and develop rules to manage advanced data categorization demands and satisfy service level agreements rapidly. Users can take advantage of integrated connections with an industry-wide network of storage suppliers for long-term data preservation, which can be handled inside the vendor-agnostic Aparavi Platform and save money. This serves as a focal point for addressing critical organizational requirements such as data intelligence, compliance, and retention. Customers can ‘know their data’ as a consequence of a single pane view of all their sources and assets.

The solution helps in eliminating the unwanted cost and challenges that occurred due to the mounting of unstructured data which is manually difficult. Organizations generally invest in additional hardware or cloud storage to hold this ‘black data,’ which raises costs and increases the risk of cybersecurity breaches and ransomware attacks.

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