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Appian Introduces a New Process Mining Technology

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A new version of Appian Process Mining is available for the wide distribution of the company’s new unified platform. By simplifying complex processes, assisting with workflow design and automation, and further eliminating workflow bottlenecks, the new technology is said to help businesses become more efficient.

The Appian Low-Code Platform is said to allow companies to discover, design, and automate processes from a single, unified platform by combining process mining, workflow, and automation.

“Process mining and workflow belong together. Appian customers can now use process mining to discover new processes, and workflow to design them,” said Appian CEO Matt Calkins.

Choosing a solution for process mining is a difficult task given that it is such a critical component of business transformation. It is often difficult for firms to identify the root cause of inefficiencies in processes thanks to a lack of insight into how work is done across the business, causing them to rely on assumptions and intuition instead of data to solve problems.

It aims to make process mining easier for customers by removing the most significant friction point. This allows them to focus more on improving and automating their workflows. No-code technology incorporated into the company’s process mining platform simplifies the preparation of enterprise data. The time-to-value of process mining has also been claimed to be accelerated by pre-built packages with mapping and dashboards.

An assessment of bottlenecks –

  • Businesses can turn inefficiencies into opportunities by quickly identifying process bottlenecks. A key variant can also be identified and activity changes can be diagnosed in order to optimize processes for better performance.
  • The filtering technology allows granular insights to be gained by incorporating case activities, properties, and time.

Improvements in performance and results –

  • A root cause analysis is automatically performed, identifying underlying issues when excessive throughput times, deviations, and specific processes occur.
  • Pre-built dashboards and out-of-the-box analytics provide instant insight.
  • Minimize data preparation and focus on insights
  • Adaptable and extensible templates and building blocks for standard processes are available.
  • Integration across multiple systems is possible through multi-source data integration.

The Appian Process Mining Kick-Start program is available to current Appian customers. It helps businesses discover inefficiencies and use new technology more effectively.

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