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Apple Announces the News Partner Program

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Apple announced the new program to expand the company’s work with and support for journalism – the News Partner Program. It aims to provide Apple News® customers with trusted news, information, and editorial coverage from top publishers while supporting publishers’ financial stability and furthering media literacy and diversity in newsrooms. The company is striving to deliver better customer service through this newly launched program.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Services, said, “Providing Apple News customers with access to trusted information from our publishing partners has been our priority from day one. For more than a decade, Apple has offered our customers many ways to access and enjoy news content across our products and services. We have hundreds of news apps from dozens of countries around the world available in the App Store and created Apple News Format to offer publishers a tool to showcase their content and provide a great experience for millions of Apple News users.”

The Apple News Partner Program was developed to facilitate the distribution of subscription news content via Apple News in Apple News Format (ANF). With ANF, publishers can create branded stories and immersive issues, as well as audio stories, with designs that scale seamlessly across Apple devices, providing readers with an exceptional reading experience. In addition, to support advertising, ANF allows publishers to keep 100 percent of the revenue generated by their advertisements within Apple News. With Apple News, publishers are able to receive commissions of 15 percent on qualifying in-app purchase subscriptions from day one for content optimized in ANF.

The News Partner Program is now open to publishers. Eligibility and requirement for participation are following:

  • Apple News channels must be maintained in Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and all content must be published through ANF.
  • ANF members and those publishers from outside these regions must use RSS feeds to share their content, as that is their right.
  • Providing original, professionally written news content must be the primary function of a publisher app.
  • To make in-app purchase subscriptions possible, apps must be available on the App Store®.
  • To become part of Apple’s Developer Program, publishers must accept a separate addendum.
  • Apple Developer Program members worldwide have access to the News Publisher Program.


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