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Aptum acquires CloudOps to strengthen its hybrid multi-cloud solution

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CloudOps, a cloud consulting, managed services, and software firm based in Montreal, Canada, has been acquired by Aptum, a provider of hybrid multi-cloud managed services.

Open source, networking, cloud-native platforms, and DevOps are the main areas of concentration for CloudOps. The company designs and manages cloud platforms to meet changing business objectives and achieve  operational success.  Organizations in the telecom, financial, utility, large enterprise, media, software, healthcare, and public sector are the company\’s main areas of concentration. Aptum Technologies, a hybrid multi-cloud managed service, advisory, and consultancy provider committed to generating measurable business outcomes includes CloudOps in its portfolio.

Founder and CEO of CloudOps, Ian Rae who will join Aptum\’s Executive Leadership Team as President and CEO, CloudOps & CloudMC, said, \”Over the last two years of collaborating with Aptum to offer Managed DevOps services, we have successfully joined forces to help customers accelerate their application platform engineering and operational excellence in the cloud. Aptum has invested heavily in its business assurance and Cloud Advisory and Consulting practice, and we are thrilled to be a part of the organization and to benefit from its global sales, marketing, and support services. We look forward to helping more customers across a wide range of industries to own their own destinies in the clouds™ unlocking the true value of cloud solutions for their businesses.\”

Aptum will be able to provide its clients in 43 countries with comprehensive hybrid multi-cloud services and solutions, including enhanced DevOps and cloud migration services, thanks to this strategic purchase. Since 2005, CloudOps has developed from a managed services provider for operations to become a market leader in cloud networking, cloud computing, and DevOps solutions. To give customers stronger, more efficient solutions and services, Aptum plans to keep a separate CloudOps division inside the company while combining several teams, such as Support Services, Advisory and Consulting Services, and DevOps.

By utilizing CloudMC\’s edge orchestration platform, which is API-driven, modular, and extendable, Aptum will improve its Hybrid Cloud Management Portal. It will hasten the creation of a single point of integration for managing hybrid multi-cloud workloads.

Aptum provides an integrated secure network and complicated, high-performance cloud solutions to it\’s clients. Harnessing its Data-As-InfrastructureTM methodology, Aptum addresses difficult technological issues with comprehensive solutions and custom-tailored choices that maximize the financial return on its clients\’ technological investments. With a worldwide reach spanning several countries, Aptum\’s cloud and worldwide network solutions give genuine choice and versatility. They are supported by skilled managed and professional services.

\”Aptum has been on a transformational journey over the last three years; we have not missed a beat on our focus to bring new products and service delivery models to enable the best hybrid multi-cloud solutions to market,\”said CEO and President of Aptum Group, Susan Bowen. \”We\’re excited to add CloudOps\’ talented team and its services portfolio to the Aptum family. This strategic move will extend our ability to serve our customers with solutions such as DevOps and Advanced Cloud Migration Services, offering true Hybrid Multi-Cloud solutions and services at different stages of their digital transformation.\”

The combined capabilities of the two companies will also increase product prospects outside of the telecoms industry, such as in the media and communications, financial services, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, energy and utilities, education, and transportation sectors. This acquisition will strengthen Aptum\’s vendor-neutral strategy, solutions, and offerings across several clouds, including Azure (Aptum just received the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Accreditation), Google, AWS, Hypertec Cloud, and Cox Edge, in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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