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Aqfer – a Big Data Marketing Firm Partners With TrueData

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Big data marketing company Aqfer has announced a new partnership with TrueData, a leading identity resolution software solution that relates every aspect of a person or household to their digital devices. TrueData’s Omnichannel Identity Graph and Identity Firehose solutions, as well as their Omnichannel Identity Graph, will be available to Aqfer’s clients and their customers through the partnership.

Sandro Camarao, VP of Partnerships at Aqfer, said, “With the acceleration of cross-screen and omnichannel buys, spanning both traditional and digital media, establishing the household-person identity view is essential when aligning those media platforms. Creating this household-person identity view is challenging for our clients and their customers. That’s why we are extremely excited to have TrueData provide a speed-to-market solution that empowers them to create their own personalized household-person identity graph backed by TrueData’s household-centric data.”

With TrueData’s Omnichannel Identity Graph, data quality is never at risk and customers don’t need to rely on cookies. The graph can easily be integrated into existing data ecosystems. Data that is deterministically sourced, validated, and privacy compliant provides customers peace of mind. The system has more than two billion total identities from mobile, desktop, and connected devices.

Jon Durkee, Chief Customer Officer at TrueData, said, “We’re excited to facilitate open and independent identity resolution through our partnership with Aqfer. TrueData built the only interoperable Identity Resolution Solution to help customers future-proof their omnichannel targeting & measurement strategies at a household level. Additions of Home IP & CTV ID expanded our U.S. coverage to over 70% of the adult population, connecting even more people and households to their digital devices.”

TrueData’s Identity Firehose delivers unparalleled granularity, reducing data latency and facilitating custom views of consumers. TrueData’s Identity Firehose helps enterprises create market-differentiating products with the latest identity linkages.

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