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Argos KYC Teams Up with Smart Engines to Strengthen Identity Verification

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Argos KYC has partnered with Smart Engines to extract intellectual data from ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses using high-precision Smart Engines software. This collaboration will help Argos KYC by improving and securing automated identity verification. Its goal is to improve verification efficiency and speed while maintaining the highest levels of data security and privacy.

Q Lee, CEO at Argos KYC, said, “I have no doubts that positive experience with the KYC solution will enable further expanding the services based on ID scanning for our customers and to effectively apply legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating identity theft, money laundering, and terrorist financing.”

Argos KYC retrieves optical character recognition (OCR) data faster and more precisely using Smart Engines ID scanning software, which is based on edge-cutting Green AI. Smart ID Engine SDK recognizes the document type automatically, extracts data exactly at varied angles and lighting circumstances, and provides mobile applications with rapid ID scanning capability.

Nikita Arlazarov, Chief Financial Officer at Smart Engines, said, “We are proud that our OCR performs exceptionally well for the Korean language. Our partnership with Argos KYC not only corresponds to the needs of their business but will help it to get in the head place among its competitors.”

The state-of-the-art GreenOCR technology developed by Smart Engines allows for fast and accurate OCR data extraction. Data is extracted from ID cards, passports, residency permits, and other identity-related papers in over 100 languages, including Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, as well as all Latin- and Cyrillic-based European languages, including all special symbols. The SDK uses low-bit pipelines for deep neural network inference, which reduces CPU energy usage and carbon impact. The customer’s data is securely handled with Smart Engines ID scanning, and no information is sent to third-party services.

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