Argus, global energy, and commodity price reporting agency have agreed to provide data and intelligence services via Ventriks.

Argus Media chairman and chief executive Adrian Binks said: “As our customer base grows, we are pleased to be working with Ventriks to offer increased choice about how Argus information can be accessed.”

Argus offers price data, news, and analysis for the energy, chemicals, fertilizer, metals, and agriculture markets. Customers can obtain services directly from Argus or from a variety of third-party information providers. Ventriks is the most recent addition to the list of third-party companies that provide Argus data to their clients.

Ventriks chief executive Richard Quigley said, “Argus data and related information services are essential to our customers, and we are delighted that we will now be able to deliver these via the Ventriks Digital Marketplace and Data platform.”

Ventriks Data Platform includes a comprehensive cloud-native data platform that, when combined with the Ventriks Data Marketplace, provides users with scalable and flexible self-service data acquisition and integration capabilities across any data type.