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Aryaka Acquires Cloud-Based SASE Platform Secucloud GmbH

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Aryaka, the leader in fully managed Cloud-First WAN and SASE solutions, has announced its acquisition of Hamburg-based Secucloud GmbH, a SASE platform provider which delivers network security from the cloud. Aryaka’s first acquisition that will now make Secucloud a wholly-owned subsidiary of the San Mateo, California-based SD-WAN company. Aryaka invited Quadrant Knowledge Solutions (QKS) for a briefing session in which they provided the need behind the acquisition, post-acquisition benefits, and how this will benefit their customers. The briefing was attended by Apoorva Dawalbhakta (Senior Research Analyst), Manish Chand Thakur (Research Analyst), and Sofia Ali (Research Analyst).

Shashi Kiran, CMO, Aryaka Networks, shared his vision behind this acquisition. He stated that the acquisition would enable Aryaka to meet the growing demands of customers who want a greater convergence of network and network security, which should be delivered as-a-service with a cloud-based architecture. These technologies provide more flexibility in bringing all functions together and making it easier to access resources and simplify the architecture, referred to as SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). Kiran said the main area of focus for this acquisition was the company should have a solid SASE offering, and Secucloud was among the best organizations with a good technology stack and a great team.

Following this, Kiran elaborated on post-acquisition benefits and Secucloud’s future role in Aryaka’s portfolio. The CMO informed that Aryaka has a global network with a set of hubs or service points of presence (POPs). These are high-performance control points where clients can activate services and manage and track their lifecycle. Integrating Secucloud technology and security capabilities into these POPs and merging them with their automation, process orchestration, and monitoring workflows, as well as the MyAryaka cloud portal, would serve as an extension to their architecture and deliver a better end-to-end experience, he added.

Elaborating on post-acquisition plans and the need for acquisition, Kiran stated that the acquisition promises exciting prospects for Aryaka in gaining more traction because of their network security and private access offerings, which are delivered as-a-service. Both of which can result in large subscription deals, he added. Spelling out the necessity for the deal, he said the deal was necessary to meet their customers’ demands and complement their existing network security solutions with other technology partners like Check Point Software and Palo Alto Networks. He expressed confidence that the acquisition will propel Aryaka ahead in the network security solution provider space. Aryaka’s relationship with their existing technology partners will continue to remain the same, and they will support their technology integrations with cloud security partners such as Zscaler to provide customers with more choices, he informed.

Kiran further added that in terms of offering flexibility in a platform, this acquisition offers a clear advantage for their customers as it gives them more options. Based on Aryaka’s cloud-first architecture, this acquisition will bring new offerings like a converged SD-WAN and SASE solution for SME and enterprise segments which will be an added advantage for their customers. Moreover, with Aryaka’s current security partnerships, an enterprise will be able to choose when and how they want to incorporate enterprise security which is provided as-a-service. In the coming future, Aryaka expects new SASE products because of the Secucloud acquisition.

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Manish Chand Thakur_Analyst at QKS Manish Chand Thakur is working as an Analyst with Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. He tracks the global markets in Data Analytics & AI domain and is working individually on consulting and research projects