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Asiacell Implements New Data Governance Program by Partnering with LigaData

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Asiacell, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Iraq, has announced that it has selected LigaData to implement a new data governance program. The program aims to ensure that Asiacell\’s data is managed in a way that complies with industry regulations and best practices. 

 Asiacell\’s decision to implement a data governance program is in line with the growing trend among companies to prioritize data management and protection. With the increasing volume of data being generated by businesses, it has become crucial for organizations to have a system in place to manage and protect this valuable asset. 

 “Asiacell is dedicated to continuously improving the digital services offerings for all our customers. The appointment of LigaData, with their demonstrable enterprise data expertise, will ensure our data governance frameworks and policies are world-class and accelerate our data-driven digital transformation plans,” stated Hisham Siblini, Asiacell, CTIO. 

 LigaData is a leading provider of data governance solutions, with a track record of helping companies implement effective data governance programs. The company\’s data management and compliance expertise will be critical in ensuring that Asiacell\’s data is properly managed and protected. The partnership between Asiacell and LigaData will focus on several key areas, including data classification, data quality, and data security. Asiacell will work closely with LigaData to develop a comprehensive data governance program that will ensure that all of the company\’s data is properly managed and protected. 

 The implementation of the data governance program is expected to take several months and will involve a comprehensive review of Asiacell\’s existing data management systems. The program will also include the development of new policies and procedures to ensure that all of the company\’s data is properly managed and protected. 

“Harnessing the true value of network and customer data is a top priority for Asiacell and is a critical part of their Digital Transformation mission. We’re thrilled to be appointed to deploy our unrivaled telco data governance and data management expertise to improve data quality and create additional value from existing data management infrastructure,” stated Darya Nasr, CRO at LigaData. 

 Asiacell\’s partnership with LigaData will help the company to implement a comprehensive data governance program that will ensure that all of its data is properly managed and protected. This will help Asiacell comply with industry regulations and best practices and provide better service to their customers. 


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