The latest version of cloud analytics is unveiled by Astrato Analytics, a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform, provides access to Snowflake’s Data Cloud, allowing businesses to keep up with the growing flow of business data and make better decisions.

Martin Mahler, CEO, Astrato Analytics, commented, “Extracting data from the cloud and the risks associated with moving data ends today. By playing the data where it lives you guarantee the value and accuracy, while enabling hyper agility for organizations in how they respond to the insights they discover. Our purpose for creating Astrato Analytics was to give flexibility in how data within Snowflake’s Data Cloud is explored and analyzed. This is the future of cloud BI.”

Snowflake’s goal of “one platform, numerous workloads, no data silos” for the enterprise becomes a reality with Astrato. Astrato is cloud native and plays data where it exists, unlike older BI and analytics tools that have been retrofitted for the cloud. This enables enterprises to gain democratized access to data and gain faster access to insights while ensuring data governance, security, and resilience.

Astrato enables two-way data storytelling with interactive processes, writeback, and live comments, replacing the days of read-only spreadsheets. The analytics loop from insight to action to business value is shortened by converting dashboards into analytical business apps. Data may be viewed within dynamic dashboards using powerful visualizations, where rich context can be added around numerous visualizations to give meaning to the data, resulting in actionable insights. Take data analytics and business intelligence to the next level by adding annotations, text, and logic.