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Atlan Collaborates with Databricks to Release Integration with its Unity Catalog

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Atlan, a modern data collaboration workspace, announced partnership with DataBricks, a leading data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, to integrate with its unity catalog. The aim of this partnership is to assist joint customers in generating business value by unifying AI and data along with improved visibility and context across modern data stack.

Atlan acts as a virtual hub for data assets like tables, dashboards, models, and code and allows teams to build a single source of truth for their data assets. Using active metadata, automated bots, and granular personalization, Atlan drives modern data discovery, cataloging, and governance by distributing context across the modern data stack. The Databricks Lakehouse platform unifies data, analytics, and AI to help companies accelerate growth and innovation. Following this integration, enterprise data teams will be able to combine context from their Databricks assets and other data assets into a single source of truth.

This collaboration will allow Atlan to connect to Databricks’ unity catalog’s REST APIs to extract pertinent metadata from Databricks workspaces and clusters to enable discovery, governance, and insights inside Atlan. Through this integration, Atlan will be able to produce column-level lineage for all the jobs and languages that are executed on a Databricks cluster, including tables, views, and columns. This can be further combined with metadata obtained from other data stack technologies (such as BI, transformation, and ELT) to produce a complete end-to-end lineage.

Prukalpa Sankar, Co-founder at Atlan, said, “We’re excited to partner with Databricks to make data and AI more accessible than ever. Today, data is increasingly complex and the humans of data are increasingly diverse, so it’s critical for everyone to understand context across their data. This integration makes it easier for customers to understand and work with their lakehouse assets. We are making significant investments into our joint roadmap with Databricks, and we can’t wait to power the future of data governance together.”


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