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Atrinet and ServiceNow Collaborate to Automate Network Operations in the Telecommunications Industry

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Atrinet, which specializes in cloud-native, AI-enhanced Open Network Automation software that discovers, monitors, and automates the networks and services of enterprise and service provider customers, has joined ServiceNow Partner Program as a Technology Partner.

Efi Levi, Atrinet Co-Founder & CEO, said, “However ServiceNow’s digital workflows do not interact with the network directly and must rely on multiple proprietary solutions, interfaces, and non-standard data models to do so. This slows down the adoption, and this is where NetACE comes into play with its modular and open solutions.”

Efi further explained, “Atrinet’s cloud-native, web-scaled applications bring a variety of real-time network automation capabilities, enabling ServiceNow’s Telecommunications Service Management (TSM) and service-aware CMDB to seamlessly interact with the network via AI-powered, vendor and technology independent, model-driven network automation layer with open, intent-based APIs.”

As a ServiceNow Partner, Atrinet will use its modular, readily customizable, cloud-native products, NetACE Auto-Discovery & Reconciliation, NetACE Network Performance Monitoring & Fault Management, and NetACE Unified Service & Resource Activation. This Technology Integrated Portfolio (TIP) includes CMDBs, TNPMs, and Order Management for Telecommunications for end-to-end network visibility, inventory data assurance, and intelligent closed-loop automation. The products from Atrint will be available in ServiceNow Store by the end of 2021 after they have completed all required certifications.

Through the integration of their technology, Atrinet and ServiceNow can accurately identify network and service inventory levels, collect, analyze, and predict performance issues and service failures, and provide infrastructure and services that facilitate the adoption of 5G, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Service providers of communications are experiencing some of the most significant opportunities in their history with the release of 5G. Customers expect more while managing costs, with little visibility across platforms, systems, tools, and fragmented data. This new service from the leading digital workflow company, ServiceNow, connects customer service with network operations, to provide better customer experiences and to help consumers maintain the value of their network investments.

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