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Attuned Launches Writer Fellowship on Substack

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Based in Tokyo, Attuned is a psychology-powered platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI), recently announced the launch of a global writing competition on Substack, a digital newsletter-publishing platform, offering a top prize of $50,000. This global competition themed around intrinsic motivation also offers to upcoming writers a chance to write professionally with support from top journalists.

The CEO of Attuned, Casey Wahl, said: “The transformative power of harnessing intrinsic motivation is at the very heart of our mission to make work more meaningful, so we wanted to do something fresh and innovative to increase understanding of this important topic. With this competition, we hope to unearth an exciting new writing talent who can elevate the conversation around intrinsic motivation, while at the same time providing a pathway for them to become self-supporting once the sponsorship ends.”

Attuned provide help to those companies that understand the real motivation behind their employees, make unseen values visible and give managers insights into their teams’ motivators, blindspots, and motivational gaps.

Writer fellowship by Attuned is the first kind of program on Substack, the Fellowship program mainly offers one talented rising writer a $50,000 one-year contract to launch and run a newsletter dedicated to exploring the subject of intrinsic motivation. The winner will be picked from anywhere in the world and can receive mentorship from Attune. The selected winner will also get an industry experts panel to launch and promote their newsletter within a year.

Hamish McKenzie, the co-founder of Substack, says: “I love that Attuned recognizes that what a writer needs to succeed is so much more than a software tool. This program offers the kind of support that frees writers to focus on nothing but the thing that matters most: the writing itself. This is the first program of its kind organized outside of Substack, and I hope to see many more like it in the future.”

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